shutterstock_71710261-300x300Mesotherapy is a technique, which was originally developed in France in the 1950′s.

What is mesotherapy?

Also known as skin boosters. It simply means a technique of treatment, which involves making multiple tiny injections into the skin in a pin-prick like manner with an extremely small needle. Mesotherapy techniques are very effective for the purpose of skin rejuvenation.

Why have mesotherapy?

Older skin is drier, thinner and weaker with lines and wrinkles forming and persisting due to loss of skin thickness, hydration, strength and elasticity. Mesotherapy is a safe and innovative method that can slow the natural ageing process. It contains all the essential vitamins and hyaluronic acid required for a natural biological balance of skin. Areas of treatment are the face, neck, hands and décolletage. The series of micro-injections revitalize the skin, remove fatty deposits from the neck area and may tighten loose skin in the face and neck area giving a natural looking and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. The skin will become radiant and glowing with improved tone and elasticity. The effects of the treatment are cumulative and once a month for three months is recommended.

Mesotherapy can be used as a supplement or an alternative to many anti-aging regimes, including Botox, laser resurfacing, peels, antioxidant topical creams and surgery.

What about cellulite?

It also can be effective treatment of cellulite…used by the Parisians since the 1950s as a mainstay treatment. A specially prepared mixture of vitamins, homeopathic ingredients, amino acids and medications are injected into the problem area. This stimulates the fat cells and causes them to break away from the network of connective tissues in the skin. The excess deposits of fat are then dissolved and excreted through the bloodstream by the kidneys and bowel.

Mesotherapy is also a highly effective rejuvenating treatment. The procedure can be used to tone and tighten sagging skin on the neck, legs, abdomen, arms and hands. In Europe, women often start treatments in their thirties, but mesotherapy can prove valuable during any stage of a woman’s life.