shutterstock_154703000-300x293Lips should look perfectly natural after any lip enhancement procedure and no one should guess that you have had a treatment. There are different types of filler for lips even some that only last two weeks.

I am worried about a trout pout?

Well that is quite understandable. Unfortunately, many people are put off a lip enhancement procedure because of the many ‘trout pout’ type results that they have seen. This is entirely a result of excessive amounts of product and incorrect technique. In particular, the ‘duck’s bill’ appearance that we sometimes see is a result of excessive amounts of product being injected around and outside the lip border; areas where only tiny amounts of product should ever be used and also the proportions may be wrong. The bottom lip should always be slightly fuller than the top, but only in a ratio of about 60% to 40%.

What fillers do you use?

It really depends on what you need addressing so we use a range of different fillers for lip enhancement. We will prescribe the choice of product to your requirements and  but also to what we consider you will need or is appropriate.

I really don’t want bigger lips just want to get rid of the lines and lipstick bleed.

It’s a common request. Thinner, more mature lips can be restored to their former, smoother and youthful state and the emphasis can be purely on restoration rather than enhancement so that a very natural look is achieved.

What is the down time?

Mild swelling of the lips is normal after lip enhancement and can be minimised by application of a cool pack after treatment. It will usually have settled within 12-24 hours.