Hand rejuvenation

shapeimage_1-3The texture of skin on the hands or the décolletage often tells someone’s age or they can make them appear older than they are. Now volume to the hands can be gently restored and no-one need ever know!

As hands age, there is a general tendency for them to lose volume. This allows the tendons and veins on the back of the hand to become more visible and is a classic sign of the aged hand. In addition to this, sun damage accumulated over the years can cause signs of actinic changes in the skin with wrinkling and pigmentation or ‘sun spots’.

Often the hands can be a give away of true age and there is now increasing demand for hand rejuvenation treatment. In the USA they are using this technique on feet!

Restoring volume to the hands can be achieved by using a dermal filler called Radiesse® which is a long lasting temporary filler – usually lasting 9 months.

Radiesse® volumising filler puts volume back exactly where it was giving a natural, soft feel and it takes on the characteristics of your surrounding skin tissue. No-one will ever know…..

The cost is from £300