Men’s skin health

shapeimage_1-5Cosmetic procedures are not just for women.

We are pleased that we are treating a growing number of men. There has been a 20% increase in men seeking all types of procedures last year as men are becoming concerned with their appearance as well as the ageing process.

We believe that all our aesthetic treatments work well on men and women. We can revitalise and rejuvenate the male face whilst maintaining masculinity- achieving the best of both worlds!

What treatments can men have?


The treatments offered are very similar to those offered to our female patients, such as Botox treatments for frown lines and Dermal Fillers for nose-to-mouth lines.

The eDermastamp is a great treatment for male skin to improve skin tone and quality and help reduce pore size. It offers amazing results on skin that has acne scarring.

A good skin care programme isn’t just for women!  Our skin is the largest organ in our body yet we do not treat it with the same respect that we give our other vital organs. Quality medical grade skin care doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive but it will reaps benefits for you.

We continue to have huge success stories with our hair restoration treatments using our combined approach of PRP and mesotherapy.

Volumisation using dermal fillers is also popular especially among our male patients that have lost facial volume from weight loss or from strenuous training regimes where the fat in the skin is metabolised due to exercise.

Botox is popular but we definitely advocate a less is more approach for men as a few lines are important to maintain masculinity. The most commonly treated area in men is the frown lines between the eyes. If these lines have grown to deep, they can cause a person to look angry even when their expression is neutral. The only difference from women having the Botox is the price structure, as men require more Botox. There is a £25 extra charge.

Also, treatment for excessive sweating continues to be exceptionally popular and effective for our patients throughout the year.

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