shapeimage_1-1The ‘Triangle of youth’ is how we all start off in life when we are young with nice plump cheeks. As we age we lose the volume in our cheeks and it starts to sink down causing the lines from the nose to mouth and down-turned droopy mouths. All the volume once in our cheeks ends up in our jowls. The triangle of youth has flipped with the volume at the bottom of our face. Fillers are an excellent way of restoring this balance.

Having fillers helps achieves lift as well as volume which makes people appear refreshed and more youthful. It treats the tired sunken look and makes you look younger. It needs to be done subtly as too much spoils the look and often referred to as “pillow cheeks”.

Also it may be beneficial to have fine threads of dermal filler are placed in the lower third of the face to actually pull back and lift sagging skin and further support the cheeks above, providing firmer skin, tightening the jawline and creating a ‘thread lift’.

Hands are supposed to be the tell-tale sign of age but Sharon Gilshenan believes that chins are one of the biggest tell-tale signs of age and she specialises in rejuvenating the lower face-jaw line and chin

The treatment can last from 12 to 18 months.